MAL approves aluminum bats for 2019 season

Montvale Athletic League recently renewed their Little League charter for the upcoming season.  Furthermore, in 2018 Little League changed their bat standard from the USSSA BPF 1.15 standard to a USA Baseball standard.  Montvale has been using wooden bats at the Minors and Majors for over 10 years.  This was primarly done to increase the safety of the sport.  However, the new USA baseball certified bats perform like wood, but are lighter and don’t break as easily.  This makes the game safer, and more enjoyable for the younger players.  Thus, Montvale will be moving to this bat standard for the 2019 season (with some exceptions).

For all levels except Seniors, USA baseball bats should be used during games and practices.  For more information, see the Little League FAQ.  Note: Big barrel bats (diameter of 2 5/8″) are allowed for recreational game.  The only rule is that the bat must be USA Baseball certfied (see certification stamp in picture above).

However, for the Senior league different standards will apply.  7th graders can either use a drop-5 USA Baseball bat, or a drop-3 BBCOR bat.  8th graders can only use a drop-3 BBCOR certified bat.  This is the bat that is used in Middle School, and High School.

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