Travel Basketball

The travel program differs from our recreation program in that it is a more competitive playing environment against surrounding towns.
  • MAL rules require all children participating in the travel program to play in the recreation program as well.
  • Teams formed by grade level: boys and girls grades 3-8.
  • Teams will require a minimum of 8 players and are capped at 10.
  • If there is enough interest two teams may be created within a grade and divided by ability (A and B teams).
  • Montvale participates in the Bergen Travel Basketball League.  This is a ‘flighted’ league – meaning teams will be matched against ‘like’ competition.
  • Except for second and third grade, there are no minimum playing time requirements for players.  Coaches may use their discretion when determining playing rotations.
  • In determining rosters, the MAL utilizes outside evaluators with extensive basketball coaching experience to observe and complete player ratings.  These ratings will then be reviewed with members of the MAL Board and Basketball Committee.
  • Coaches will be selected after rosters are finalized.
  • The travel fee will be around $250 (fees to be determined closer to formal registration).  This covers the league fee, tournaments, costs for gym time and equipment.
  • Players will need to purchase (or reuse) uniforms (shorts and jersey).  The uniform typically lasts 2-3 years and is available for purchase at Sports Expert in Hillsdale for a cost of $50.
  • Teams will play 14 league games and at least two tournaments (two game minimum in each).  Practices will begin at the beginning/mid of November and run at least once per week until the first week of March.
  • The recreation program is for grades K-8. Grades 3-8 starts in early Dec.  Grades K-2 starts in early Jan. Both programs end in early March.
  • The program's focus is on skill development for all ability levels. Rules-of-play allow equal playing time in games.
  • For grades 1-8, there will be one weekly practice, and a game on Saturday. Kindergarten meets once a week on Saturdays.
  • K-2 prices include a basketball and a participation award.
  • Jerseys are available for a fee of $25 or can be used from a prior year or sibling.
  • $25 late fee applied after Nov. 15.
  • No Refunds once your child is placed on a team.
  • No player will be turned away for a lack of funds. Please contact the MAL board for a confidential discussion.

Practice Schedule from 2022 (subject to change for 2023):

  • Grade 2 Boys, 6pm
  • Grade 7/8 Girls, 8pm


  • Grade 1 Boys, 6pm


  • Grade 1/2 Girls, 6pm
  • Grade 3/4 Girls, 7pm
  • Grade 5/6 Girls, 8pm


  • Grade 3/4 Boys, 6pm & 7pm
  • Grade 5/6 Boys, 7pm & 8pm
  • Grade 7/8 Boys, 8pm & 9pm


  • Kindergarten, 9am

Saturday Game Schedule (subject to change):

Memorial School

  • Grade 1/2 Girls, 10am
  • Grade 1 Boys, 11am
  • Grade 2 Boys, 12pm
  • Grade 7/8 Boys, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm
  • Grade 7/8 Girls, 4pm & 5pm

Fieldstone Middle School

  • Grade 3/4 Boys, 8am, 9am & 10am
  • Grade 5/6 Boys, 11am, 12pm & 1pm
  • Grade 5/6 Girls, 2pm & 3pm
  • Grade 3/4 Girls, 4pm & 5pm

About MAL Basketball

Our basketball program is one of service to the youth of Montvale. The program is dedicated to teaching children how to play and enjoy the game of basketball. Teamwork, good sportsmanship, self-discipline, and building self-esteem are the primary goals.

Basketball is strictly a Winter sport.  Practices start late December, and games will begin early January.

Larry Pinto is the MAL Basketball Commisioner, and coordinates the recreational and travel seasons.

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