2020 Fall Registration

Register for Fall Softball today. We plan on having a U10 and U12 team.



  • Kindergarten - Coed Teeball
  • Coach Pitch - 1st/2nd grade
  • Minors - 3rd/4th grade
  • Majors- 5th/6th Grade
  • Seniors - 7th/8th Grade
  • Summer Travel - 3/4 and U12
  • Fall Travel - U10 & U12

2020 Calendar

  • Sat. 4/18 Opening Day
  • Minimum of 2 Games per week (1 weekday, and Saturday).
  • Summer Travel
  • Fall Travel

About Montvale Softball

Our softball program is one of service to the youth of Montvale. The program is dedicated to teaching children how to play and enjoy the game of softball.

Teamwork, good sportsmanship, self-discipline, and building self-esteem are the primary goals.

Tom Kelly is the Softball Commisioner, and coordinates the season for both travel, and recreational softball.

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