Safety is Priority #1

We strictly enforce many important policies to help keep your child safe.

  • Every attempt is made to create teams that are equal in terms of talent & age; and players can’t “play down” (see Division Eligibility above).
  • Coach photos are required 3rd-8th grades for game-day passes, which are required to ensure coaches have completed their mandatory requirements.
  • Heading the ball is not allowed until 7th grade. Slide tackling is not allowed for any grade.
  • Players should try and stay on their feet at all times. Slide tackling in any form is NOT allowed in Rec — even if perfectly executed.
  • Shin guards must always be worn.
  • Earrings, bracelets and necklaces can’t be worn during games and practices. Covering earrings with band-aids is not acceptable as it does not provide adequate protection.
  • Soccer cleats, sneakers, and turf shoes are all allowed — but baseball/softball cleats are not (they have a single cleat under the toe). Metal or sharp cleats are also not allowed.
  • Eyeglasses should be of a protective nature and accompanied by a sport-strap.
  • No hoods or drawstrings are allowed, but soft hats are; soft gloves are also allowed.
  • Refs inspect players before every game for any infractions.
  • Players are never forced to play goalie. Refs blow a quick whistle once the goalie touches the ball — even if not fully controlled. This helps prevent goalies from getting kicked.
  • Fieldstone has a lightning detector. If it goes off, everyone must IMMEDIATELY leave the field to safe ground until the flashing light stops.
  • An automated external defibrillator (AED) has been installed at Fieldstone. CPR/AED training will be provided to our coaches.
  • See goal safety…

Goal Safety

  • We take the issue of goal safety very seriously. Goals must be weighted down at all times (games and practices). No exceptions — there’s a $250 fine otherwise.
  • There are real dangers when goals are not properly weighted down. Goals can fall over and injure children who climb or hang on them. Also, strong winds can topple over a goal. Properly weighted-down goals helps mitigate these risks. Either way, children should NEVER climb or hang from a goal.
  • Sand bags should be placed on the back bar or along the side bars of the goal..
  • Coaches are responsible for weighting down the goals; refs and parents should double check.