Track and Field Meet Information

General Information

Membership fees covers the entry fee for an atlethes first 6 meets.  For the Junior Olympic Association meets, additional charges will be invoiced.  The coaches will help decide on what events an athlete will compete in.  If you cannot attend a meet, please tell the coaches the Monday before the scheduled event.  The coaches and trainers will be planning workouts for your athlete based on which events they will be competing in that week, and possibly recruiting them as a relay member.

Meets are held on Sundays. Awards from these meets are given out on Tuesday at the end of practice. If your athlete does not attend practice on the Tuesday after the meet, the awards will be in a file folder under their last name. The file folder will be available each practice for parents to go through and get their athletes awards. From time to time, there will be additional information in the folders, so check them frequently. We will notify everyone via e-mail of any changes and other information.

The age group your athlete competes in is based on his/her year of birth NOT THEIR GRADE (see below)


  • Age 7 – 8 Sub Bantam (2010/2011)
  • Age 9 – 10 Bantam (2008/2009)
  • Age 11 – 12 Midget (2006/2007)
  • Age 13 – 14 Youth (2005/2004)
  • Age 15 Intermediate (2003)

Your athlete will be given a uniform, a bib with a number on it, and four pins to wear on the front of his/her uniform at the meets. This bib will be worn for the first six meets. Do not wash the bib or throw it away. If you lose it you can get another bib at the meet press box for $5 at your expense. This must be done prior to 12 noon. There is a color-coded dot on the bib that tells the officials on the field what age group your athlete is competing in. Please check the color-coded dot on your athletes bib to be sure it is correct. If not, bring it to a coaches attention so it can be fixed before the start of the meet.

To understand more about the National organization, or the Junior Olympic program visit USATF online at You can also call the National office at 317-261-0500, or the New Jersey Association office at 973-334-8900.

About Running Shoes

Do not purchase running shoes until your child has started running in practice. They can use their gym shoes. Some children may not like running, so this will save you some money.  They are different than gym shoes, basketball, or tennis shoes and hiking sneakers. The best and safest models for your children are the ones that have a strong plastic heel cup.