Track and Field Parent Checklist

Parents should be aware that some parking lots will fill up by 12:15 pm.  Plan to arrive early. The team will warm-up as a group at 12:30 pm on the field with the coaches.  Please, no parents on the field. The team has a tent that will be set up near the finish area and stands.  You are welcome to bring your own seat. (The stands are all metal.) The meets run from 1 to 5 pm. When your child is done competing, he/ she may leave after checking in with one of the coaches. Please keep your children from playing under the stands. Bring a book or game boy, etc. for them to keep busy.

Athletes should not eat anything too fatty or heavy before their race. Low-fat, low-sugar snacks like wholegrain food bars and nuts are recommended. They provide a good source of energy. Fruit, or raw vegetables, are also a good alternative to sugary snacks, and can help replace lost minerals and help balance electrolytes. Better nutrition, better performance! Eliminate the junk!


  • Uniform, bib, and four safety pins.
  • Running shoes, with shoelaces tight & double knotted. They cannot be touching the ground.
  • USATG membership card (used as a secondary insurance card).  Please bring it to all meets.
  • Water, Gatorade, or Sports drink.
  • Sunscreen