Latest Track and Field News

We are pleased to announce that Christie Rossig is back for another year as MAL Track & Field Commissioner/Head Coach!

Track & Field has been thriving as an MAL sport for over ten years — thanks to Christie (a long-time Montvale resident and PHHS Track coach) who founded the program when she recognized an overwhelming need for a feeder program for the PHHS program. Christie has been running the 120+ athlete MAL program ever since. (This will be her 11th year!)

In MAL Track & Field, young athletes are taught proper running form, and gain endurance, strength, and agility while experiencing a variety of events, including long jump, hurdles, high jump, and javelin — just to name a few. These are events that are not taught or contested in other middle-school programs.

Since the program’s inception, PHHS has reaped the benefits, successfully competing as a team, and leading to many alumni moving on to compete in college.

We are very thankful for Christie and look forward to another great season this spring!

Registration is now open……/